Dear daybook,

With thought on that there are several intenational parttakers in this years EMTIPS, will I therefore lead this daybook with an english pen or pencil tonights. I additionaly know that upto several of the parttakers also know people in the big outland, and then will it be a openbar possibilty to spread this becorrection over whole Europe and even till and with America.

The football day started with game in the norwegian league of the OBOS, formerly known as the league of Adeccos, and it was ready for game between Sandnheadlands Wolf and Christiansound. Sandheadlands is neighbour city till there I hold to, and it will therefor be natural for me to also follow this team to a certain degree. The team shall be an uptwitchcandidate, but they suck the balle, and lost 0-1 against Christiansound who stears against play in the norwegian League of guessing.

Thereafter should the ski jumper, strawberry picker and pretty decent hand worker-nation Poland up in the European masterclosets first one eight part final. Againststander was opposite red cross, finances and army knife-country Switzerland. The Poles took a relatively early leadment, but a swiss called Shaqiri kicked the ball over his own head and outversus, a socalled brazilian kick. Therewith became it decided on punishkickcompetion. All 5 poles put the ball in goal behind the swiss goalguard, who is upcalled after Mungo Jerrys favorite yeartime.

At 18.00 norwegian time (same as centraleuropean time) we got served an anglofrenetic updo between Wales and Nothern Ireland. Think that The Great Britains gets to come with two of their region teams and that they attonto meet in the finishplay in the european masterclosets. So much for Bixit. It is difficult to hold themselves awake in a so dorging boring footballmatch, who onfalling enough was offdone with a selfgoal from Northern Ireland.

Between the matches I had a lovely meal with swine filet, boat potates and the the famous greek tzatsiki dressing.

Tonights last game should be the sportual highpoint of the day. Croatia has been one of the masterclosets best teams, while Portugal has one of the worlds greatest footballing gamers. No specially impressive forescore this and after 90 minutes had none of the teams managed to put the ball in the net. But when we all waited on punishkicking, so carelesskicked Nani an inleg, Ronaldos shot was saved, but Quaresma sat the return, and therewith are Portugal ready for quarterly finals.

Thanks for a pretty ordinary first eight part final day! Hope you have enjoyed my berightness from this day, day book!

Ben Corny


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